• RSC-2EG2

    Features & Benefits
    (SAS 6G Ready)
    RSC-2EG2 is a G-series 2U 12-bay SAS/SATA storage server chassis, with rear hot-swappable OS drive option. This environmentally friendly solution features high-efficiency power supply, SPGC pre-plated steel with minimal paint, and tool-less ball-bearing mounting rail, offering a cost-effective solution ideally suited for a broad range of applications.
    Replacement Parts
    BKP-SAS3-4G-R BKP - Backplane SAS/SATA 3G/6G 4-in-1 BP with SGPIO support
    BKP-SAS3-12EG-R BKP - Backplane SAS/SATA 3G 12-in-1 expander BP with SES2 support
    BKP-SAS6-12EGD-A1 BKP - Backplane SAS 6G 12-in-1 Dual expanders BP with SES2 support
    BKP-SAS6-12EGS-A1 BKP - Backplane SAS 6G 12-in-1 Single expander BP with SES2 support
    BKP-SAS6-E28M-A1 BKP - Backplane SAS Single 28 port expander module
    BKT-HDD-G25I-R BKT - Bracket 2 x internal 2.5” OS HDD bracket (mounted adjacent to PSU)
    BKT-HDD-3UG235I-R BKT - Bracket 1 x 3.5” or 2 x 2.5” internal OS HDD bracket (mounted on top of PSU)
    BKT-HDD-3UG25H-R BKT - Bracket 2 x hot-swap 2.5” OS HDD kit
    FAN-8038-2UG-MOR FAN - Cooling Fan 80x38mm hot-swap fan module
    HDT-G-R HDT - Hard Drive Tray Standard G-series drive carrier for 3.5-inch SAS/SATA drive
    HDT-F25-R HDT - Hard Drive Tray Single 2.5" HDD carrier for rear hot-swappable OS HDD kit
    PSM-1R650EH-Z2EG2 PSM - Power Supply Module M1U2-5650V 1U 650W redundant power supply module
    PSM-2R800EH-Z2EG2 PSM - Power Supply Module R2G-5800V 2U 800W redundant power supply module
    PSU-1R650EH-Z2EG2 PSU - Power Supply M1U2-5650V 1U 1+1 650W high efficiency redundant power supply
    PSU-2S800EH-Z2EG2 PSU - Power Supply P2M-5800V 2U 800W high efficiency single power supply
    PSU-2R800EH-Z2EG2 PSU - Power Supply R2G-5800V 2U 1+1 800W high efficiency redundant power supply
    RCD-2U3PCI32R RC - Riser Cards PCI3-F 3x32-bit PCI riser card
    RCD-2U3PCI32RIB-R RC - Riser Cards PCI3-B1 3x32PCI w/ribbon cable
    RCD-2U2PCI32PCIE8XRIB-R RC - Riser Cards 1xPCI-E X8 + 2x32-bit PCI with ribbon cable
    RCD-E161P2R-3 RC - Riser Cards 1xPCI-E X16 + 2x32-bit PCI with ribbon cable
    SLR-TL28-TW-AR SLR/FRR - Mounting Rails 28" tool-less/ball-bearing sliding rail